WILD! Science Rock Candy Factory

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Wild! science is a range of collectable science kits with attitude!! 

they are designed to have great value whilst exploring fascinating scientific principles. 

Are you a Scientist with a sweet tooth? 

with rock Candy factory you will become an expert Candy maker while exploring the science of crystallisation. 

You will learn about melting, dissolving and supersaturated solutions, as you make sparkling rock Candy wands and tasty glitter sweet rings. 

Wear your creations in a crystal amulet necklace and grow an amazing Sugary geode with sparkling crystals covered in a chocolate rock shell. 

It's delicious science but don't forget to share! 

contents: 2 x 100ml beakers, 5ml measuring spoon, glitter sweets mould, 8 x gift bags, 4 x ring bases, 4 x plastic dishes, 2 x magic wands, 2 x foam wand holders, amulet, black string, white string, pastry brush, 4 x baking paper, colour instruction booklet. Suitable for ages 8 and above.