Weird Things Humans Search For

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We’ve been looking on the internet at some of the things you’ve been searching for and it’s pretty strange. “Has a monkey ever touched a blue whale?”, “Did dinosaurs go to heaven?”, “Is ham evil?” – the list goes on.

In this game, we give you the first half of a search, then you have to guess the rest. The more popular your answer, the more points you earn.


We give you the first half…

First things first, choose a player to be the Search Master for the game. They’ll be acting like a normal quiz master, reading out the questions and keeping score.

Everyone else, split into teams of two or three and grab a pencil and some paper. The Search Master begins by reading out the first half of a popular internet search, like: “Why do I have so much…”

…you give us the rest.

Each team must now try and guess the most popular ending to the internet search. Teams get to write down two guesses: one main guess and one bonus guess.

When all the teams have decided on their final answers, the Search Master reads out the list of searches, starting with the most popular one. Then it’s time to count up the points.

Scores on the doors

Your main answer is the one you want to be extra sure about. If it’s the first search on the list, you score four points. If it’s second you score three points, then two if it’s anywhere else. If your bonus answer appears on the list, you get one point – no matter where it is.

When you’re done, grab a new Search Card and go again. After five rounds, the team with the most points, wins!