Turtles Sewer Cruiser with Mikey Half-Shell Heroes Vehicle and Figure

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Coming out of their shells for the very first time, the half-shell heroes are ready for non-stop ninja adventure. 
Join the fun-loving brothers in their pizza-fuelled missions as they team up to mess with menacing mutants and stop the Shredder.
Young heroes will enjoy recreating Turtle adventures or inventing their own - controlling the action as imaginations soar in a world of heroes and mutants, adversaries and allies. It's a new adventure every time you play. 
You can collect the entire world of half shell heroes. This collection has distinctive colours and less-menacing expression is ideal for younger age.
This 1three cm sewer cruiser includes a 6.5 cm diver Mikey figure. The sewer cruiser splits into two and both parts can hold a half-shell heroes figure. 
Press the motor on the back of the vehicle to make the propeller spin. 
Suitable for ages three and above. 
Contents: 1 Mikey figure, 1 sewer cruiser.