The Chameleon

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“Get your poker face on”

– Adie E

“I love it! I love it!”

– Tom Vasel

“We kept playing again and again”

– Caroline

Everyone knows the secret word except the Chameleon. But who is the Chameleon?

Using one carefully chosen word each, you try to catch out the imposter. But when someone is this good at blending in, innocent people start looking guilty and the Chameleon can escape scot-free.

Roll the dice, find the code

Place a Topic Card face-up on the table. Next, hand everyone a Code Card and roll the dice. Look up the dice numbers on your Code Card and it should guide you to the secret word on the Topic Card.

HOWEVER! One player’s Code Card is blank, and they’ll have no idea what the secret word is. This is the Chameleon for the round.

Choose your one word wisely

Time to try and find the Chameleon! Everyone thinks of a word that’s related to the secret word to prove that they know what it is. Meanwhile, the Chameleon must think of a word to blend in.

When everyone’s ready, go around the circle and get everyone to say their word, one by one.

Can you catch the Chameleon?

Discuss which player sounded the most suspicious, then point at who you think the guilty player was. Whoever gets the most votes must reveal their Code Card.

If it’s the wrong player, the Chameleon wins. If it’s the Chameleon, that player gets one guess at what the secret word was. If they get it right, they still win!