Table Tennis 1 hour Booking (2 People)

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1 Hour use of table tennis for 2 people

Ping Pong is one of the most accessible games out there – it can be played anywhere with a surface and makeshift net, although your dining room table isn’t the best place to practice if you aspire to play competitively.

Ping pong is an Olympic sport and if you ever think you’ve mastered the game, then a brief glance at some of the skills on show by the world’s best players should tell you otherwise, whilst also motivating you to continue in your pursuit of table tennis mastery.

Ping pong is hugely popular during social occasions. You can play singles, doubles or even one of a whole host of party games; the most popular being Around the World, where players take one shot each before running around to the other side of the table to queue for the next shot in the rally. Miss and that’s a life gone! The objective is to be the last person at the table – the final two stay at one end of the table to play out the winning point.

Gamespod now offer ping pong and you’ll be pleased to know that you can now book your spot on our website.

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