Scrawl 17+

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Finally, a drawing party game for people who are absolutely terrible at drawing. Plus, it’s absolutely loaded with adult content.

Each round, you draw a strange picture, then pass it on to the next player in the circle. By the time your delightful drawing passes through your friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong.


Haunted Ovens and Jazz Hands

Inside this game are 240 hard-to-draw scenarios to get you started. Each player begins with a board and a pen, and gets one minute to draw out their Scenario Card.

Once the timers up, they pass their drawings to the right – but they keep their Scenario Card secret. The next player must now look at their drawing, clip another board over it, and try to describe it.

Draw. Pass. Describe. Pass.

When you’ve finished describing the drawing in front of you, pass it on to the next player on the right. They have to look at your description, then do their best to draw it.

Keep drawing, passing and describing until your original board makes its way around the circle and back to you. Then, it’s time to unpack the clipboard and show everyone what went wrong.

Most grins wins

Go through the panels and pick your favourite board (either drawing or description) and award a point to the player responsible. In the highly unlikely event that your drawing stays the same throughout, congratulations – you win three bonus points!

Now wipe down the boards, grab a new Scenario and go again! First to 10 points, wins.