Quiz Bingo

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It’s the question and answer game that suits everyone! Tired of trivia challenges where the clever clogs always win? Then quiz Bingo’s the game for you! You simply write your answers down on the grid as you go along, then you score just like in bingo! Since anyone can score at any time it’s nail-biting fun... Right up until you reach the Top of the shop!

before every round, Each team or individual player writes down the numbers 1 to 9 randomly on the Quiz Bingo answer sheet.Categories are: entertainment, science & nature, history, sports & pastimes, around the world, arts & literature.Quiz bingo game contains everything you need to play; 3 decks of Quiz Bingo question cards, bingo answer grids, master score sheets, bingo number counters, 6 pencils, rules and answers booklet, and as the answers are in the booklet it means that the question asker can also join in.