Pile Up Pirates

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Join Pirate Pete on his new adventure Pile Up Pirates. A new fun and challenging action game for children from the Pop-Up Pirate franchise!

In this new action board game you will get to compete with friends and family to be the one who stacks the most pirates before the tower of pirates collapses!

This is a competitive junior board game packed full of suspense as one move can determine whether you win or you lose!

Pile Up Pirate's base is a rotating base that can be twisted to adjust the difficulty. Start off on the easier setting and encourage your child to make it more challenging as they develop higher accuracy and coordination.

To claim the chest, players will have to not only display great coordination but also be strategic with when and where they place their pirates and planks. Will you be able to place your pirate at the edge without causing it to collapse and make it more difficult for the rest of the players?