Pass the Pigs Party

Pass the Pigs Party

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If you’re familiar with Pass the Pigs, the classic push-your-luck 'dice' game, then you know all about rolling plastic pigs in pursuit of 100 points. Pass the Pigs: Pig Party takes that formula and stretches it to the max, providing some fun moments along the way.

Each player receives one pair of pigs, and a deck of thirty cards is shuffled to complete the game setup. Each card in the deck contains one combination of pig positions and a corresponding number of points. Players take turns rolling their pigs in an attempt to match these positions, with the first player to do so winning the points listed on the card. Play continues until one player reaches 100 points.

As in traditional Pass the Pigs, if you ever 'pig out' (that is, roll pigs that are lying on opposite sides) then you will have to sit out for the rest of the round. Also, if pigs touch after rolling it is ruled an 'oinker,' and the player must forfeit one of their previously earned points cards.

Some of the traditional rules are tweaked to keep the game moving, though. If a rare 'leaning jowler' position is called for, the card can be skipped after one turn. This elusive position requires the pig to land while resting on their ear (which this statistical study assigns odds of less than 1%). Also, when a card calls for two positions, a player can save one of their pigs from turn to turn if its position matches one of the two on the card.

The party starts when a player successfully matches a card on their first attempt. When this occurs, that player scoops up all eight pigs at once and gives them a giant roll. A special scoring chart is used to determine how many points that player earns. The highest possible score on such a bonus roll is 25 points for either a triple 'snouter' or double 'leaning jowler.

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