One Night Ultimate Werewolf

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  • Role function
  • 1. Werewolf: At night, you can know who your companion is and not kill.
  • 2. Villagers: They will not be called at night. No skills.
  • 3. Minions: At night, you can know who is a werewolf. If he dies, but no werewolf dies, the werewolf and the minions will win together. If there are no werewolves, as long as any other person dies, the minions win. When the minions blink, the werewolf stretches his thumb and fingers.
  • 4. Prophet: At night, you can view the ID card of another player or 2 of the 3 ID cards in the central area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe table.
  • 5. Robber: At night, exchange an identity card with another player and check your new identity card.
  • 6. Trick or Treat: At night, you can exchange the identity cards of two other players except yourself.
  • 7. Alcoholic: At night, you must exchange your ID card with one of the three ID cards in the central area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe table, and you cannot view the new ID card.
  • 8. lnsomniac: At night, you can revisit your identity card.
  • 9. Night Watchman: 2 people, always appear (or do not appear) in the game, at night, you can know who another night watcher is.
  • 10. Cobbler: It won't be called at night. Only death can win. If he dies and no werewolf dies, the cobbler wins alone.
  • 11. Hunter: Will not be called at night. During the day, the person who voted for him will die. The hunter kills the wolf, and the hunter wins alone.

Game Flow

Step 1: After everyone sits around the table and confirms their identity, put the identity card on the table.

Step 2: Entering the night, a person familiar with the rules will call each identity to play in turn, and all the identities will be lighted after the operation.

Step 3: After dawn, start three rounds of speech. After three rounds of speech, everyone will vote at the same time, execute a player and start settlement.

Step 4: Settlement, highlight all identity cards. If there is no werewolf card in the identity card in front of all players and there are minions (whether or not the minions die), the minions are regarded as werewolves. All players are subject to their own identity. Determine the final winner:

Victory Condition

a. If the werewolf is executed, the good camp (village, prophet, robber, gangster, night watchman, lnsomnia, alcoholic) wins;

b. If the cobbler is executed, the cobbler wins alone;

c. If the execution is not a werewolf or a cobbler, the werewolf camp (werewolf, minions) wins;

d. If the ticket is free, if there is a werewolf on the field, the werewolf camp will win; if there are no werewolves on the field (the werewolf card and the claw card are in the middle three cards), the good man camp wins.