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“OK” is the world’s most understood word, which makes it the perfect name for the world’s easiest to understand game. Just grab a coloured stack and take turns laying down tiles until someone makes a line of five. That’s it!

Take OK Play anywhere and play with anyone. Just sling it in your bag, then block and sneak your tiles to victory.


Tiles at the ready

Each player chooses a stack of 15 coloured tiles. Choose a player to go first and have them start off the game by placing a tile in the middle of the table.

The next player must now put down a tile next to the previous players. Remember: tiles must always be connected by a flat edge – so no placing corners on corners.

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal

The aim is to get five of your tiles in a straight line before anyone else. These lines can either go horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It might be easy to play, but winning isn’t so simple. Choose to go on the offensive and create as many lines as you can, or play defensively and focus on blocking players, waiting for your time to strike.

No more tiles? No problem

If all the players manage to run out of tiles and there’s still no winner, the game takes on a whole new shape.

One by one, players can reposition their tiles around the table until someone wins. Just make sure you don’t leave any tiles ‘stranded’ – everything must stay connected by a flat edge.