Off the Hook Style Studio

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Meet Naia – one of the oh-so-glam mannequin girls with fashions that are off the hook! Your Style Doll’s hairstyle, top, bottom and shoes come apart and easily hook back together so you can customise her from head to toe. Naia’s ready for a brand-new look styled by you! Step into her fashion-packed Style Studio that comes with six fashions and six accessories to create 100+ cool-girl looks! The boutique-like open clothing rack has two rods and pretty, translucent purple shelving to hang and display your Off The Hook fashions and accessories. Getting dressed up is easy when you can see all your fab fashions at a glance! Mix and match the colourful trendy fashions that easily hook together to create unique looks for Naia! Then add trendy accessories for the finishing touch. Get fashion inspo in the full-colour lookbook of outfit ideas included. Love surprises? Find four mystery accessories inside the shopping bags, shoe box and hat box included! Unbox handbags, shoes and more – what will you discover? The Off The Hook Style Studio is the perfect gift for aspiring fashionistas who wanna have fun with fashion!