Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout

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Get ready quiz-slingers because Mr Listers back with 120 brand new questions to take on. Grab your pencils and assemble your posse for another quick-fire quiz showdown!
Each round, Mr Lister will ask a question with multiple answers and each team will get three shots to hit a correct answer. If they’re lucky, they’ll head straight to the Last Chance Saloon to play the impossible question.


Hand over the moustache

Choose a player to be Mr Lister. They’ll be asking the questions, keeping score, and wearing the big, bushy moustache. Everyone else, split into teams.

Mr Lister starts by reading off a question with a bunch of different answers. For example: “The 10 most popular takeaways in the UK. List ‘em”.

Time for a quiz shootout

Each team gets three attempts at hitting a correct answer. They go one-by-one, shouting out their answers to Mr Lister. If it’s on the list, he’ll award you with a point. If it’s not on the list, he’ll give you nothing!

Each list also contains at least one golden answer. These answers are so hard to get, that if you manage to hit one, it’ll count as a perfect score for the round.

Enter the Last Chance Saloon

At the end of the round, the team with the most hits wins the card. But if there’s a draw, teams must battle it out in the Last Chance Saloon.

Each card features an impossible question, such as “In what year was the first ever pizza created?”. Mr Lister reads it out, then each team reveals their answer at the same time. Whoever gets the closest, wins it!