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The brewmaster of the tiny tin Brewery has challenged you - leaders of their two newest brewing crews to a brew off! Who will create the tastiest Beers and win the most loyal customers? Only one way to find out - ready! Set! Brew! In microbrew, players take turns Sending brewers to mash, brew, bottle and serve their own beer recipes to a stream of thirsty customers. Unlike most worker placement games, you can do The same job as your opponent, but their worker goes back to be reused this turn! Brewing isn't just worker placement though - each player has their own "copper" Kettle where their brewers actions let them play a simple but fiendish puzzle game to reorganise their kettle and complete a perfect recipe. Or not! Will you try to make each customer's perfect beer and win their loyalty, or will you flood the market with average brews and let the marketing money do its thing?