Lego 60223 City Great Vehicles Harvester Transport Construction Set

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Help the LEGO City farmer manage his crops with the 60223 Harvester heavy duty Toy Transport.

This toy truck features an opening minifigure cab and a hitch, plus a flatbed truck transport trailer with a holder for the harvester tool and 2 lowering ramps.

This farm toy also features a white, yellow and green toy combine harvester with an opening minifigure cab, removable harvester tool and articulated unloading auger.

Contains 358 pieces – Toy truck and trailer set for boys and girls aged 5+ and for fans of farm toys and kids of all ages.

Unhook the transport trailer from the toy truck and lower the ramps to load the harvester.

Remove the harvesting tool from the front of the toy combine harvester and attach it to the trailer.

Secure the unloading auger and lock the combine harvester into place on the trailer.

Raise the ramps, hook the transport trailer to the toy truck and haul the harvester away.

Harvester Transport with trailer measures over 3” (8 cm) high, 12” (31 cm) long and 2” (7 cm) wide.

Combine Harvester measures over 3” (8 cm) high, 6” (17 cm) long and 3” (10 cm) wide.

Scarecrow stands over 1” (5 cm) tall.