Gormiti Basic Action Figures - Hydros

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A long time ago, the island-world of Gorm was threatened by an enemy willing to eradicate life: the Darkans. The Eternal Knights of Nature, the Gormiti, guided by their powerful Lords, united their strengths to fight the menace. Oceans were leveled, earthquakes ravaged the land… But the Gormiti won! Massive and impenetrable like the ice of his lands, Hydros is a very fearsome warrior: he is very hard on everyone, but especially on himself, and he has been training for years to overcome his weaknesses, developing some infallible combat techniques! With his whip he can attack and defend himself, and adapts quickly to every enemy! Recreate scenes from the animated series with the Hydros basic action figure, fully articulated, and comes with a token accessory. Characters in the assortment include… Karak, Akilos, Hurik, Gredd, Xathor, Zefyr, Hirok, Typhon, Hydros and Vulkan. Collect them all.