Don’t Get Got

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In this party game, each player gets six secret missions to pull off. First to three wins.

This isn’t a sit-down-at-a-table sort of game – you play it alongside whatever else you’re doing. So whether you’re at home, on holiday or at a party, you’ll always be looking for sneaky ways to get them… before they get you.


Super-secret missions

Deal out one Guess What? Card and five random Mission Cards to each player, face-down so the missions stay hidden.

Next, hand each player a Mission Wallet and insert the cards. It’s really important that no one sees your missions, so make sure to keep your wallet on you at all times!

Trick your friends

As soon as the cards have been dealt, the game is on. There’s no time limit – it ends when someone completes three of their missions.

Each of these missions involves tricking another player in some way. If you manage to pull off a mission, show that player your Mission Card and flip it to the ‘Nailed it’ side. One point to you!

Don’t get caught!

If a player calls calls you out before you complete your mission and accuses you of trying to trick them, then your mission has failed. Flip it to the ‘Failed it’ side and put it back in your wallet. That mission is now off-limits.

The first player to complete three of their six missions is the winner!