Disney Colour Brain

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“Great fun for all the family!”

– RiaT82

“The board game for any Disney fan!”

– Sarah

“My new favourite game”

– Kat

Just like normal Colourbrain, each player has 11 Colour Cards. To answer one of our crafty Disney questions, they decide which ones to play, hope the others slip up, then live happily ever after!

All the answers are in your hand

Each player keeps 11 Colour Cards in their hand: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, brown, grey, black and white. Place the deck of Question Cards on the table and begin with the top-most question.

Decide which of your Colour Card(s) answer the question, then place them face-down. When everyone’s ready, reveal your cards!

Score points when they slip up!

Now, flip the question over to reveal the answer underneath. Time to score up the points!

In this game, you receive a point for all the players that got it wrong. If everyone gets the answer right, no one scores anything, and a bonus point gets carried on for the next round. First to 10 points wins!

Disney villains at the ready

Each player also has a Colour Capture Card up their sleeve, to stop another team from getting too far ahead. Before the next question is turned over, play it on a team to steal 8 Colour Cards at random from their hand.

Remember to give them back at the end of the round!