Colour Brain

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No good at quizzes? Great, because in this game we give you all the answers before you start. All you have to do is work out which of the 11 Colour Cards in your hand correctly answers one of our crafty, colourful questions.

Get it right and you could be in luck. Now you just need the other teams to get it wrong to walk off with the points – while they turn green with envy.


Crafty questions, colourful answers

To start, deal out 11 Colour Cards to each player: red, blue, yellow, black, white, brown, grey, purple, orange, green and pink.

Each round, you’ll face a question that can be answered by one (or more) of the Colour Cards in your hand. Decide which to put down, then place them in front of you (face down). When you’re all ready, flip them over!

They get it wrong, you score points!

Turn over the Question Card and reveal the correct colours.

You only score points if at least one of the other teams got the answer wrong. So, if everyone gets it wrong, no one scores anything – but if everyone gets it right, no one scores anything either! In our example, two players got it wrong, so the player that got it right scores two points.

Hoover up the rainbow!

If you notice someone getting a bit too far ahead, then don’t worry. Each player has a Colour Capture Card to use once in the game. Play this before a new question to steal a bunch of Colour Cards from their hand (for one round only).

Keep turning over new questions until a player scores 10 points and wins the game!games