Catan Rise of The Inkas

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2000 years ago, long before the Inkas, northwestern South America was populated by many tribes rich with culture and creativity. These kingdoms fell; other tribes rose. New tribes adopted or adapted the culture of the vanished peoples and flourished. But these too passed away and gave way to new tribes. In the 15th century CE, the Inkas finally stepped on history’s stage. They subdued all competing tribes and founded a huge empire that reached from today’s Ecuador in the north to the middle of today’s Chile in the south. See the accompanying Almanac for more information about the Inkas. In Catan: Rise of the Inkas™, you each begin with a tribe of an early cultural era. You must bring that tribe to its cultural apex. If you succeed, you take over the leadership of a new tribe of the middle cultural era. Again, your goal is to lead this tribe to its cultural apex. Finally, you take over the fortunes of your third tribe. If you lead this tribe to its apex before your opponents lead their third tribe to theirs, you win the game! Your tribe has prevailed over all others. It has reached its zenith. You usher in the Rise of the Inkas!