Candylocks Sweet Treats BFF 2-Pack Doll Assortment - (Styles May Vary - One Supplied)

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Who’s in there with the cotton candy hair? It’s Candy locks, scented collectible dolls with hair so soft, it looks just like cotton candy This Sweet Treats BFF set includes two matching themed Candy locks dolls. With 15 inches of colourful cotton candy-inspired hair wrapped around each doll, the Candy locks BFFs are hidden inside the pack Open up the packaging and unravel each doll’s hair to reveal the pair of Candy locks cuties and their hair accessories. These super-sweet BFFs have detailed outfits matching their theme, and smell like vanilla sprinkle doughnuts The unique texture of Candy locks’ extra-long hair makes it easy for kids to work with; it holds its shape and doesn’t come apart. Create braids and buns, twists and ponytails – the hairstyle possibilities are endless With seven accessories included for the besties to wear and share, you can customise their looks Open up the package to find BFF pull-apart hair pin accessories, hair chalk to add colour, a sprinkle scrunchie for you to wear in your hair and more There are four pairs of Candy locks BFFs, for a total of eight dolls to add to your collection. Bring home two-of-a-kind sweet treats with the Candy locks Sweet Treats BFF 2-Packs.