Arkham Horror Third Edition

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A game of Arkham Horror Third Edition is split into a series of rounds. You and your fellow investigators won’t know how to win the game immediately it's not as simple as just closing gates to other worlds! Every scenario begins with archive cards that propel the scenario's narrative and provide short-term goals for your investigators to accomplish. As more cards are added to the codex, the mystery begins to unravel, and the investigators just may discover a way to impede the darkness. But as with all games in the Arkham Horror Files, things never quite go according to plan. As doom spreads across the city, other cards will be added to the codex, cards that see the world inch ever-closer to being engulfed by the unknown. The spread of doom, the approach of an Ancient One, and even the investigators' own choices can lead to new cards being added to the codex, making every turn vital to your success.