7 Wonders Cities And Leaders Bundle

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This Includes -

7 Wonders Cities Expansion

7 Wonders Leaders Expansion

Requires original 7 wonders to game to play

This expansion for 7 Wonders offers you the opportunity to put leaders at the head of your civilization. Represented by 36 new cards, these leaders will influence the growth of your city, each in their own way. The game play is slightly changed, but the victory conditions remain the same as those in the basic 7 Wonders game.

This expansion for 7 Wonders gives you the chance to discover another aspect of the great cities of Antiquity. 27 new cards offer you brand new buildings with never before-seen effects. 3 Guilds, 6 Leaders and 2 Wonders complete this expansion. 7 Wonders Cities allows up to 8 players at once and also offers a team variant.