Trefl Toy Story 4 - 4 In 1 Puzzle

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35-48-54-70 piece puzzle. A real pleasure for young puzzle lovers! By assembling the pieces, children find that they already have great skills! They awaken their logical spirit and develop their patience. Lively spirit and skill enhance puzzle after puzzle. Trefl is a Polish brand created in 1985 and marketed in France since 2005. It offers puzzles for all ages. Dive into the children's world of Disney tales or cartoons where most of your kids' favourite characters are shown. Wonderful in front of the world's most beautiful landscapes and monuments. Watch the majestic performance of animals or the beauty of the most famous works of art. Trefl offers a young audience and puzzle enthusiasts a wide choice of themes that are accessible to all. From 4 to 3000 pieces, evolve at your pace with trefling puzzles.