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We do tournaments! Are you good at Ping Pong 🏓  or Pool 🎱 ? Challenge yourself at our in house tournament! To get to know dates please subscribe to our website or follow us on Facebook.

Sporting Events Showing live in Gamespod - Please note we only sell non alcoholic drinks and the events are family friendly.

(There is a fantastic Brewery next door to Gamespod if you wish to watch with alcoholic drinks)


Six Nations - England Vs Wales 07/03/2020

Six Nations - England Vs Italy 14/03/2020


FA Cup Final At Wembley 23/05/2020

EURO 2020 - England Vs Croatia 14/06/2020

EURO 2020 - England Vs TBD 19/06/2020

EURO 2020 - England Vs Czech Republic 23/06/2020



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