Dreamworks Trolls Bunker Critter Pod

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Stay on the lookout in the Dream Works Trolls Bunker Critter Pod. 
As the head of the Royal Guard, Dream Works Trolls Branch is always on alert, but ready to party. 
Help scout for adventure when you plug Dream Works Trolls Branch onto the centre platform and spin the wheel to raise him to the swivelling periscope. 
When the party is on the move, plug Dream Works Trolls Branch onto the skitter board, attach backpack and send him rolling. 
This Dream Works Trolls Branch figure is approximately five Inch'es from hair to toe and includes two critters that clip to the playset or figure.
 Playset background glows in the dark. 
Kids can also fit a critter inside the mini pod and hook it onto the playset or Dream Works Trolls Pod'ular Tree.