Jomo - The Joy of Missing Out

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THE TIME FOR #FOMO IS OVER. Welcome to the age of #JOMO. Fed up with having to attend events that you hate? Would you rather stay in and TikTok, update your Instagram stories or watch Netflix? Well then, this is the party game for you. Simply find the funniest excuses to get out of life's most mundane moments. It's really that simple. SUITABLE FOR ADULTS: Looking for new fun adult games, drinking games for adults, travel games for adults or adult board games? Adult fun is guaranteed with this new and amusing card game that makes a hilarious party game to play with friends! Makes a great game to be played at home on the sofa or at a table, or as a perfect addition to holiday games! FEATURES OUTRAGEOUS EXCUSES: Let’s face it, no one wants to go to a baby gender reveal party. So that’s why we’ve gathered 200 funny and foolproof ways of getting out of that and 99 other problematic and totally relatable real life events. It’s what makes this fantastic smart party game hours of hilarious fun! Disclaimer: We cannot be held liable for any fallouts if you choose to actually use one of these excuses IRL; you're on your own there. Sorry not sorry. MAKES A GREAT GIFT OR PRESENT: Looking for unusual gifts? Something for your best friend? Gifts for men, gifts for women, funny gifts for friends or adult games for groups? This excuses-based board game makes a great gift for adults! It’s a hilarious girls night in game that brings everyone together on any occasion, including Christmas! PERFECT FOR YOUR GAME NIGHT PARTY GAMES: Adult fun is guaranteed. Whether it’s drinking games, girls night in games, Christmas party games, hen party games or party games for the boys. Hours of endless laughter for you, your friends and your family! This top fun board game is a favourite in many households. x301 cards included.