Great British Moan Off

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WHO IS THE MOST QUINTESSENTIALLY BRITISH?: Bizarre yet very British responses to common situations are presented in a ‘Who’s most likely to…’ format. Your task is to decide which player each reaction is most suited to. Brits are a complicated bunch, so you’ll be surprised at just how many of these eccentric scenarios you’ll relate to! SUITABLE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: Looking for new fun family games or card games for adults and teenagers? This new and amusing card game is loved by kids, adults and teens and makes a hilarious party game to play with friends and family! Makes a great travel game or can be played at home on the sofa or at a table. A perfect addition to holiday games! FEATURES COMMON SCENARIOS AND CLASSICALLY BRITISH RESPONSES: We’ve all got our pet peeves. But the Brits have more than most. So we’ve gathered 55 recognisable scenarios that Brits can’t handle. The responses to which are as British as the empire, the Queen and Mr Bean. All situations are very familiar - that's why this fantastic smart party game offers hours of hilarious fun! MAKES A GREAT GIFT OR PRESENT: Looking for British gifts that don’t involve history, war or Elton John? This flash card collection game makes a great gift for kids, teenagers and adults! Whether it's a birthday gift for a boy or a girl or board games for families to play at Christmas - this hilarious 'Who's most likely to...' quiz game brings everyone together on any occasion. PERFECT FOR YOUR GAME NIGHT PARTY GAMES: Great for a family games night or for families and friends that just love board games. Kids, teenagers and adults will have hours of endless fun and laughter! This top family board game is a favourite in many households. x56 cards included.