Dream Seekers Doll - Hope

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Hope the Dream Seeker is your mystical friend who wants to share her dreams and inspire you to follow yours. This magical looking fairy with her sweet outfit and posable long arms and legs will become your best friend because she has similar hopes and dreams. Hope sits in her Dream Catcher which has a special place for you to write your very own Dreams. Your Dream Seeker will keep your dream safe and wish for it to come true. Hope is always beaming with colour and positivity! She dreams that everyone can find their own rainbow of happiness. Her magical outfit reflects this in its bright and colourful carefree style! Her fabulous rainbow skirt is removeable along with her edgy moulded sneakers! Her bright holographic wings have a rainbow pattern that gives her such a sweet chic look! With delicately rooted gorgeous long hair and individually designed hair ribbons, she loves being brushed and styled. Hope's face is highly detailed and full of expression with huge adorable eyes! On every Dream Seeker's wrist you will find their beautiful and unique "Dream Mark". Their "Dream Mark" represents the Doll's personality and the dream that they seek! Hope has the "Dream Mark" of Happiness. Her fabric body and long arms and legs can be easily posed so that you can display your mystical Dream Seeker on their own Dream Catcher