Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Jewellery Box Royal Dozen 12-pack Egg Carton with 2 Exclusive Hatchimals

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Hatch and discover a dozen adorable Royal HATCHIMALS characters to add to your collection with the Jewellery Box Dozen 12-pack Egg Carton. This sparkling glitter carton comes in different colours and doubles as a jewellery box for your Royal CollEGGtibles accessories. Open the lid of the carton to find two out-of-egg characters, including one of eight exclusive Mer-Pandors (a sneak peek to the other half of the season) and 10 Royal eggs, with a hidden accessory to discover inside each egg, get your Royal Hatch and Royal Snow Ball CollEGGtibles glam and mix and match accessories on all of your new friends. Inside each egg, you could find classic glittery HATCHIMALS that love to ice skate; Royal rare mermals wearing metallic crowns; limited edition Glitter Salon friends with real hair; ultra-rare Princess Pairs of Royal Twins and more. Once you’ve hatched your whole carton of characters, lift the tray to store their accessories or close the lid to take your characters with you on the go. With 100 characters to collect, who will you hatch. Build your HATCHIMALS CollEGGtibles collection with the Jewellery Box Royal Dozen 12-pack Egg Carton.